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Keep on walking! Here a list of our current travel offers in Finland for hiking. Our team is constantly exploring new tours and areas so make sure you come back and check these often.

Ruka and Pyhä
- Great hiking holiday in two different destinations
Dates: 1.8.-26.9.2021
Level: Intermediate
Rates: Coming up soon!

Pure magic! Our nothern double combines the best parts of Taiga wilderness and Lapland. Discover the rugged landscapes and power of water at Oulanka National Park and combine it with spacious views of Lapland fells and enjoy the beauty of the bright autumn colours.

NOTE! Why not combine this trip with another tour like Helsinki weekend cycling tour? We are happy to tell You more about the options.
Southwest National Parks
- A gentle outdoor experience for everyone
Dates: 15.5.-25.9.2021
Level: easy/intermediate
Rates: Coming up soon!

Connecting Enjoy the amazing light of Nordic summer nights and a rich mix of landscapes connecting two southern national parks, one on land and one at sea!

Ylläs and Kilpisjärvi
- Authentic Sámi Lapland and mythical fells
Dates: 14.8.-25.9.2021
Level: Intermediate+
Rates: Coming up soon!

As high as possible. Our West Lapland hiking holiday introduces an innovative way to explore the great fells of the north close to borders of Sweden and Norway. A great outdoor experience not to be missed.

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